Hi Ed, nice to hear from you. This is going to be a short response as I am leaving for an international trip tomorrow. Anwaya here goes. I use a custom burrow with a 46 to 48 inch width, but I’ve been sleeping in quilts for two decades. And I am 5’8? and 160 lb, so not very big. If you are new I would suggest you get 50 inches or wider until you are sure that you can control your quilt and not get drafts during the night. I do not use the pad attachment kit. Never have with any quilt other to test the system and I didn’t like it (but some do and use one). That being said if it’s really cold, and I am into in an enclosed shelter I do use a bivy (only adds a few oz over using a groundsheet). If you sleep a bit cold, I would put 2 oz extra in the longitudinal baffles the ones that run the long way on the quilt. BTW per temp ratings, the industry convention is that +20 has a “comfort rating” of around +30. I go with the sewn footbox as it is lighter and a bit more compressible — and I never feel the need to expand the footbox. I also have very cold feet. If you sleep hot and/or want to unzip it into a fully flat blanket type quilt, then the zipper would be good. Hope this helps and good luck with lightening your load. Warmest, -alan.