Jacks ‘R’ BetterSniveller Quilts have a slit in the middle for a neck hole, and “sleeve” snaps so they can be worn as an insulating poncho. If you are hard-core, you can use it both as a quilt and for as a “down jacket,” saving both weight and cost. But they are still a great weight and great price if you only use them as a quilt. Although they can easily be used in a hammock, these are designed for ground sleeping with their 52 inch width. They offer a sewn foot-box option. Jacks R Better offers a Down Hood that integrates with Sniveler Quilts. And added bonus, amost all Jacks ‘R’ Better Quilts are off-the-shelf! The Sniveler quilts are not customizable and only come in green. But you can choose size, Reg or Long; sewn or non-sewn foot-box, and have the option for 1 or 2 oz of down overfill. [1 or 2 oz of overfill would push it closer to the +25 to +20 F range.]